Monday, February 18, 2013

On Three Things...

I posed the question at the end of last week, inspired by MECDA on their Facebook Page, What three things are on your belly dance wishlist?

Mine are (in no particular order):

~Six months of study at FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. In San Francisco
~A homebase studio for my dance company Kamala Chaand Dance Co
~Silver Afghani Saroyan zils

A humble list, no?

Six months at FCBD isn't happening anytime soon. With four children, a Fella, teaching schedule, future baby plans, future house plans, San Francisco is really out of the question unless we struck it rich soonish and could afford the rent on a condo to house us all for six months, feed us all for six months, transport us all to and from SanFran and Minnesota, pay overhead costs, etc AND maintain our home here in Minnesota.

Silver Afghani Saroyans would be the easiest of the three to achieve if Saroyan hadn't closed doors until this summer. I had a 24 hour window a few weeks ago, but I was too busy with Something Tribal This Way Comes... to get my order in on time. I will have to wait until summer and hope that there are some of the zils I want to have in my collection in stock with Saroyan.

That leaves a homebase studio for KCDC.

I will have more soon. Meanwhile I am going to refer to my list and make an appropriate check mark.

What's your list?


UPDATE: I ended up with Silver Afghani's not long after this post. I love them. They are heavy and sound beautiful. They make me love playing zills even more. Additionally I managed to score a brass set of Nefertiti pro zills from a local dancer at a swap for just $35!

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